matthew i think i love you *blushes and hides of embarassment*


I have all these goals and aspirations that I want to achieve before my life is over and I have to settle with a job and be old but the thing that scares me is that I will never get the experience or money to do these things and to go to these places. I'd love to travel with someone as creative and talented as you to capture it all in a way I never could. People like you really inspire me to look at things different and be creative. I wish I was more like that, I wish I had talent.

It’s not exclusively about talent, it’s about you finding your own perspective. Once you solidify this, it’s easier to achieve your goals (trust me, it’s a lot to solidify and discover regarding your taste). Being positive helps a lot, working hard also helps a lot. This video might put you back on the track: :)


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